We are people-oriented and we care about for your needs and sensitivity. Thus we encourage inclusive, responsible, eco-friendly tourism with common sense.

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Have you ever wondered why you do what you do?

In V!VE we thought about it and realised that we do what we do because we want V!VE to become a meeting point in which every single person in our community (from partners to clients, suppliers or followers) can feel a part of it.

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In V!VE we are committed to SDGs because we want to promote a positive impact in our community from social, economic and environmental perspectives.

If we want a more sustainable and accessible world, we have to understand that we cannot do it on our own —the only way to change it is by joining forces and working with people who share our values.



The actions we take are respectful to the local people, their cultures and the environment. We want travel to generate a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

We promote the concept of universal accessibility in destination to generate a change of mindset in society.

Achieving a sustainable future is everyone’s job! Are you in?

Calculate and offset your CO2 emissions

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In V!VE we believe in the power of travelling to transform and improve the quality of life in the destinations. We therefore support organisations that protect natural heritage and help people while we travel.

Help us to help!


If you see a school, go inside, write down their needs, their address, their contact details, and take pictures. Find your destination and check what projects we have there and what they need.

It is better to buy things at the destination: you do not have to carry them, you avoid stopping at customs and improve the local economy.


When planning your holiday, check the list of Labdoo projects and donate during your trip.

When donating a laptop, not only do you help to reduce the digital gap among students, but you also generate less carbon emissions.


Volunteering gives you the chance to change lives.

If you want to share your time with the people who need it, Y-h puts you in touch with local projects so that you can travel and enjoy the experience safely.


We want to hear from you, create your experience with you, customise it and enjoy it together from the beginning to the end.




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